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What’s even more exciting about the board game Brailliant is that the creators are two teenagers. The idea was born on a lesson but made it to reality.

I'm the CEO!!!

Damir Samarin

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I'm the CFO!!!

Eligijus Girdenis

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As it was mentioned before – the idea of this board game was born during a lesson.  More about this exciting story:

Both of us are attending “entrepreneurship class”. Last year our teacher assigned us a task of creating a concept for a board game and preparing the presentation along with the super simple business plan for it. We took a couple of minutes to listen to the ideas of our classmates and eventually, we realised that all of them were trying to recreate “Monopoly” or another very-known game.



Then we thought that we had never seen a game for people with physical disabilities. That was the moment we agreed to give it a try. And this decision marked the beginning of our amazing journey. After a couple of weeks of brainstorming, we came up with “the first version” of the brilliant game you see today. Back then we believed that the project might become successful one day, but the results we are witnessing today are surely way beyond our expectations.

Our journey

The journey began in October of 2022 with the birth of a dream to create a board game. Since then hard and long road has been taken and the process itself is what gives value to the result. 


Actually the first 10 months “Brailliant” existed as a JA Company. It’s a system that helps school students to turn their business ideas into reality and become entrepreneurs at such a young age. Participating in this company includes competitions on different stages. You need to win at one level to be promoted to another. That year was very successful for team “Brailliant” We won at our school, city and then country to get an opportunity to participate our country Lithuania in the biggest entrepreneurship event of 2023.

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